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iMaxSOFT is a technology service company. Our services include relational database configuration and performance, legacy application modernization, and Linux operating system consulting.

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VerticoDATA - a security solution that is specific for enterprises whose IT backbone is ORACLE and LINUX, HPUX and UNIX based.

VerticoDATA Security Solution Kernel Technology Foundation - a set of core technology building blocks used for emterprise's privatization and customization.
SUCCESS STORIES: Legacy System and Database Migration and Application Modernization Success Stories
DATASHEETS and MANUALS: Legacy application modernization, database migration, replication and synchronization, SQL query and report writer, and cross-database and cross-platform secure middleware
iMaxsoft Legacy Modernization Products' Technical Documents, Manuals and Release Notes Datasheet
The effective and thorough management of your software asset is as important as deploying state-of-art anti-threat security measures. You should always know what software packages are and are NOT supposed to be on your back office servers.
       VerticoDATA Security Solution Datasheet
Managing the flow of our distributed sensitive and privacy data is as important as controlling the access of our sensitive data bank. We are liable to any wrongdoing of our own employees, and we are also liable to damages caused by our business constituents and associates.
       VerticoDATA White Paper
In today’s digital world, the sensitive and privacy data protection effort is vital for the survival of a business. Promptly and precisely detection of what has been stolen and leaked is a fundamental requirement of any security solution.
       VerticoDATA Product Presentation
VerticoDATA requires no changes to applications and is totally transparent to end users. The VerticoDATA demonstration is a running prototype on a cloud based platform at San Diego California, and the ORACLE servers are located at Saratoga California site.
       VerticoDATA Quick User Guide ~NEW~
VerticoDATA Quick User Guide walks you through our entire demonstration step by step. It clarifies many of our design theories and provides detail insides of our leading technologies. VerticoDATA is not just a solution that you can deployed immediately, it is also a platform that enables you to create and to build your own security environment.
       VerticoDATA Middleware - Quarter Million of Licenses Deployed Worldwide Since 1987
LeeTech is a solely own subsidiary of iMaxsoft. Application Intelligent Middleware (AIM) is an industry strength middleware that is used by VerticoDATA internally. AIM is a high-speed and super-secure data movement platform. Its powerful transaction monitor and real-time debugger can be easily integrated into enterprise's central operation console.
       VerticoDATA ORACLE Simplified Report Writer and Data Import and Export Utility
LeeTech is a solely own subsidiary of iMaxsoft. DBAQ is a high-speed report writer and is also a high-speed data load and unload utility. DBAQ supports varieties of relational databases, i. e. ORACLE and IBM/DB2. DBAQ is easy to learn, and users can create dynamic reports quickly. DBA's super-fast database access technology is also open to the licensed users.
Application and System Migration Success Story
Power Utility Management System Migration and Modernization Success Story
Application and System Modernization Success Story
OPENTURBO - Database Migration and Replication
DOOR - Realtime Database Replication and Synchronization
OPENTURBO and DOOR Supported Platforms
OPENTURBO Performance Report 2005
OPENTURBO Performance Report 2003
VerticoDATA - HIPAA Security Solution for AMISYS
VerticoDATA - 4D Database Technology Datasheet
VerticoDATA - Product Requirements for AMISYS
VerticoDATA - Technology White Paper

OPENTURBO - Product Datasheet
OPENTURBO - Technology White Paper
OPENTURBO - Bi-directional Database Synchronization Technology White Paper
OPENTURBO - AMISYS Translation Technology White Paper
OPENTURBO - HPUX-ORACLE Translation Technology White Paper

OPENTURBO - A.02.01 Release Note
OPENTURBO - A.02.00.01 Release Note
OPENTURBO - A.02.00 Release Note
OPENTURBO - A.01.04 Release Note

AIM - Application Intelligent Middleware
DBAQ - Database Query and Report Writer (Terminal Mode)
DBAQ - Database Query and Report Write (Windows Version)
DOOR - Data Object Open Replication
OPENTURBO - Legacy System Migration and Modernization Solution

HP/TurobIMAGE XL Library Procedures Summary

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